Stan Fitzgerald Pledges Five Million Dollars to Legacy PAC through estate



Stan Fitzgerald, the founder of Legacy PAC, pledges 5,000,000.00 to the political action committee through an amendment to his Last Will and Testament.

I want donors to know I have skin in the game and am committed to leaving a Legacy for the America First movement”

— Stan Fitzgerald Legacy PAC founderWASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, USA, July 20, 2023/ — Legacy PAC recently launched its fundraising efforts for the 2024 campaign cycle with Mark Finchem , taking the lead on calls. Finchem was Trump endorsed on his bid for Arizona Secretary of State. Kelli Ward and Martha Boneta Fain sit on the advisory board of the PAC. Legacy PAC President Jared Craig states the PAC plans on making a total of 12 endorsements by this fall and possibly announcing some of them in the very near future.

The fundraising launch had some high-profile support including Grant Stinchfield who took to his social media to support the efforts.

Stan Fitzgerald will not be involved with the PAC endorsement process or fundraising efforts. Fitzgerald will handle the PAC press room and network building. Stan Fitzgerald is also the President of Veterans for Trump , and although the founder of the PAC , he plans on focusing on his role with the Veterans group in the Trump campaign collation doing all they can to help the former president become our 47th Commander in Chief.

Regarding the veterans group Fitzgerald stated “We will focus on helping true America First conservatives who keep an open line of communication with our organization. We build an ongoing relationship with the candidate, or member, to promote their needs as well as work on helping our veterans and law enforcement officers throughout the nation. If they do not communicate , and take action , to ensure the best interests of Saving America and our vets we will drop them for others who do.”

The Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First group is partnered with Legacy PAC and is known for having a very strong primary endorsement.

Regarding the estate pledge to legacy PAC Fitzgerald stated “I want donors to know I have skin in the game and am committed to leaving a Legacy for the America First movement. My wife and I have invested almost half a million dollars into funding certain operations or donations combined. Anyone who thinks we are trying to benefit from the movement does not understand we are benefactors.”

In other news:

Stan Fitzgerald was recently named executive producer of a documentary filmed “The Fall of Deceit” directed by Frank X Panico and plans on donating his gains from the film to Legacy PAC.

Fitzgerald has not yet decided if he would appear in the film to discuss wrongful convictions.

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