Mark Finchem Joins Legacy PAC Political Action Committee as a new partner.

July 2nd ,2023


Mark Finchem joins PAC President Jared Craig and founder Stan Fitzgerald as the new partner on the America First Political Action Committee.  

Finchem who raised 3 million for his Trump endorsed run for Arizona secretary of state will be taking lead on the daily fundraising efforts. Fitzgerald, who hosted a Trump event in Mar-A-Lago for Finchem when he was a candidate , also confirmed Dr Kelli Ward and Martha Boneta Fain are on the advisory board of the PAC.

“With Mark Finchem leading our fundraising efforts we expect to do great things for President Trump and the America First movement” said attorney Jared Craig president of Legacy PAC.

The PAC Recently held its high profile kickoff event in DC. Congressmen Byron Donalds and Mark Alford headlined the event. Kimberly Klacik, Kristina Karamo, Sebastian Gorka and Chris Kohls were featured speakers. Former ICE Director and Veterans For Trump rep Tom Homan closed the event for the PAC whose partners are also with the Veterans for Trump organization ( Trump fundraiser Martha Boneta Fain introduced Homan to the crowd. Jenna Ellis, former Trump legal team, was in attendance. CPAC performer Hadas Levy sang at the event. Michael Hopkins, President Trump’s photographer, covered the event for the PAC.

Candidates and Legislatures from across the country were in attendance, including Senator Ed “Ed The Trucker” Durr – NJ, Chris Brown – MS State Legislature, and Congressional candidate Sandy Smith from NC, who was Trump endorsed last cycle.

On May 30th 2023 former PAC President Angie Wong was voted off the board and replaced by Jared Craig as president.  Mark Finchem now replaces her as partner.

In other recent Legacy PAC news :

Patrick Byrne requested Stan Fitzgerald announce the launch of his new Magazine.

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