Legacy PAC’s partners history of fighting for election integrity goes back to 2020

Mark Finchem , Legacy PAC Partner , clearly is one of the nations most high profile election integrity pundits.

Back in 2020 Stan Fitzgerald breaks the story about ballots moving from AZ-GA based on eye witness statements provided from Maricopa County -LINK:  https://stan-fitzgerald.com/stan-fitzgerald-interviews-with-bkp-politics-about-an-az-to-ga-2020-election-fraud-connection/

 Later very high-profile election integrity pundits (including associates) confirmed same and still discuss in their presentations to date. Fitzgerald documented a witness statement using a P/I LINK: https://stan-fitzgerald.com/stan-fitzgerald-hires-private-investigator-to-document-report-of-ballot-fraud-occurring-in-arizona-and-connected-to-fulton-county-georgia/ Fitzgerald went on in Oct 2021 to bring the AZ audit manager to GA for a panel educational seminar LINK: https://stan-fitzgerald.com/stan-fitzgerald-produces-election-integrity-panel-with-jeff-zink-arizona-audit-manager-garland-favorito-voterga-and-yg/ Fitzgerald also joined the Plaintiff team on Daugherty V Raffensberger prepared to assist the case however it was dismissed on a technicality   https://stan-fitzgerald.com/stan-fitzgerald-joins-litigation-team-of-daugherty-v-raffensberger-challenging-the-results-of-the-2020-senate-run-off/ While Fitzgerald now focuses on fighting the weaponization of government  , he still helps to promote election integrity focused candidates win elections.  Jared Craig Legacy PAC President and Mark Finchem Legacy PAC Partner keep fighting for election integrity.

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