Legacy PAC to host movie premiere of “The Fall of Deceit” in Atlanta theater 11-13-24 to educate the public on the weaponizing of law enforcement against conservatives.


Legacy PAC Partner Stan Fitzgerald produced “The Fall of Deceit” in partnership with Veterans for America First – The film directed by Frank X Panico stars General Flynn with Laura Loomer , Roger Stone , Admiral Charles Kubic , Vernon Jones , Congressman Jody Hice , Jeffrey Clark , John Solomon , John Nantz , Robert Jeffress and Mallory Staples.

PRESS LINK: https://www.abc27.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/659098981/laura-loomer-joins-the-cast-of-the-fall-of-deceit-a-forthcoming-documentary-by-frank-x-panico-and-stan-fitzgerald/

Legacy PAC plans on producing a series of educational films for voters and candidates.

For information on attending the Atlanta Premiere visit :

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