Legacy PAC endorsement of Donald J. Trump for 47th President.


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Legacy PAC President Jared Craig has announced the endorsement of Donald J Trump for the 47th President of the United States.

“ At Legacy PAC we will work to see President Trump win his third straight election” said Stan Fitzgerald founder of Legacy PAC

From the Legacy PAC Webiste : President Trump exposed government corruption that has led to the crippling of our nation, and he created the America First movement. Legacy PAC is here to hold the line and continue President Trump’s legacy with the next generation of Conservative leaders.

At Legacy PAC we understand that the success of the conservative movement lies in unity, collaboration, and strategic action. Through our grassroots efforts, educational programs, and advocacy initiatives, we seek to mobilize supporters, educate voters, and engage citizens in the political process.

With your support, we can move mountains to support our America First candidates. Please donate to our movement.

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