Legacy PAC arranges tours of Southern Border Eagle Pass Texas


Legacy PAC launched the first , in a series, of border tours taking America First candidates to the border and showing them first hand the crisis caused by our country’s open borders. “The PAC will help prepare our nations future leaders to understand, and work on, correcting this national security risk” said Jared Craig Legacy PAC president.

The first tour took place during November 1-4 2023.

Victor Avila , legacy PAC endorsed candidate, and former border agent took the lead on educating the tour.

Joining Victor Avila and Legacy PAC on the tour was Legacy PAC President Jared Craig , VFAF President Stan Fitzgerald , VFAF Ambassador Donna Fitzgerald , Reed Cooper of DC Enquirer . VA VFAF President Patrick Collis . Candidates Carl Boyanton MS , Michael Corbin GA , Trent Leisy Co , Joe Earley WV , Jim Bennet GA and Sandy Smith NC.

John Stubbins film crew with our own film crew documented the event. Legacy PAC will be producing campaign and organizational promo films. Conservative Television of America will be airing our footage and portions will be used in a forthcoming documentary by Frank Panico and Legacy PAC to bring awareness to the crisis and promote a secure border.

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