Attorney Jared Craig Legacy PAC President pushes for paper ballots in Georgia.


Attorney Jared Craig Legacy PAC President and President of Georgia State Chapter of Veterans for America First pushes for paper ballots in Georgia for election integrity.

Craig interviewed Clint Curtis proving the machines are vulnerable.


In July 2023 Craig attended the Coweta County Board of Commissioners meeting to request a vote on HAND COUNTED PAPER BALLOTS in COWETA COUNTY during the 2024 elections.


Craig also published legal opinion on transitioning to paper ballots in Georgia :


In Georgia, every county or municipality has the legal statutory authority to use paper ballots. They have both, the Authority AND Duty, to officiate fair, accurate, and honest elections. The Dominion system is very costly, and is not trusted by the American People.

Georgia law states that when the use of voting machines is Impossible OR Impracticable, that the counties or municipalities then use PAPER BALLOTS. O.C.G.A 21-2-334 -The Dominion System is Impracticable due to inflated cost AND Impossible due to the lack of trustworthiness.  

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